The services are free of charge, but you do need a library card to borrow from the library. Visit the library and ask for a library card (Please note that you need to bring your ID or passport). 

The library offers:

  • Books in many languages, for both children and adults.

  • Newspapers and magazines in many languages, in print and digital.

  • Order books. If you don´t find books in a specific language we can in most cases order from other libraries.

  • DVDs and online films (Viddla).


  • Computers, printing and copying (with a fee). Computers must be booked at the front desk.


  • Digital meeting/study room ”Mötesboda” which you have to book in advance.



To reserve books and/or borrow E-books online, you may obtain a temporary library card by filling out the "Apply for a library card" -form. 

  • Audio books and e-books in many languages at Emmaboda bibliotek or at Världens bibliotek.

  • With your library card and pin code you may access local and international newspapers and magazines on 



Normally, the loan period for books and other items is 28 days. Materials can be renewed on or before the due date. They cannot be renewed if there is a waiting list. Please note that if you do not return your borrowed material in time, you will be charged with an overdue fine. 

Fines & Fees

Dvd: 500 kr
Interlibrary loans (Fjärrlån): 500 kr
Adult books: 300 kr
Children’s books: 200 kr
Pocket-  paperbacks: 100 kr
Magazines: 50 kr